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How Laudits™ Work

Don't let professional reputation stay locked up inside the office. Help your best colleagues break out of their cubicles. Send them specific, meaningful, thank-yous for awesome work. At last, you can do something useful with your LinkedIn account!

Any LinkedIn user can give Laudits to any other LinkedIn user.
And no spam, ever. We're proud members of the Being Nice industry.
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Why Laudits?
Rob Mackay, Senior Software Developer Val Rasescu, Technical Writer Peter Kipnis, Development Manager
"I wish someone had thought of this before: Professional thank-yous that help boost my colleague's career. It takes me less than a minute to give recognition to a colleague who deserves it."
"I enjoy working, not polishing up my resume. Laudits let my colleagues speak for me with their thank-yous."
"I have a hard time finding employees to hire who are focused and professional. Laudits gets this knowledge from the people who know, the co-workers."

Career comfortable but going nowhere? You've got the Five Year Itch. Give it a try.

Some Beautiful Laudits

Thanks for your handling those sneaky bugs in the billing app, Tommy. I always learn something from watching you work!
Richard P.
I admired the way you pulled the team together in that tough spot towards the end of the project. Rock on!
Amy S.
As a newcomer to the team, I really appreciated having you to show me the ropes.
Don P.
You sniffed out bugs in the iPad app like a ferret! Tommy, thanks! That app would have had twice the bugs without you.
Jake B.

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